Apex North Carolina

Taste the original mouth watering delicacies at Tandoori Trail

The legacy of Kundan Lal Gujral– Founder of Motimahal (1920) – the inventor of Tandoori Chicken , Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani has now trailed to the United States of America -Tandoori Trail.

Karuna Kumar

Chef & Licensee – Tandoori Trail, Apex NC

Karuna Kumar & a life full of passion with food

Throwback few generations of a Punjabi family and having heard of finger licking home food stories of my Grand Mom. I have very faint memories of her, however, it was sure she passed on the passion to my Grand Dad and my Dad too.

Countless memories of a joint family and my father spending hrs & hrs churning our typical Punjabi delicacies. Butter Chicken with his green chutney was the house favorite. Still remember guest dropping in large numbers, just to savoir on his preparations.

No wonder, I picked my passion early from my Dad and it continued during my corporate life as well. Until one fine day I learned what I need to do in my life. That was many years ago.

I am so proud and excited to bring in the time-honored recipes of Tandoori Trail here in US. Drop into the restaurant for a exquisite, robust and rustic experience.

2017 Creekside Landing Dr
Apex NC 27502

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